2004 Chateau Chevalier Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California

I decanted the Chateau Chevalier (with a horse right on the label) Cabernet Sauvignon from California’s famed Napa Valley for about an hour and a half before pouring.

On the nose, I got some big fruit—blackberry, raisin, and maybe a little fig.  There was a little “earthiness” and some [wet] leather notes, as well.  The alcohol on this wine was evident on the nose.

On the palate, the fruit didn’t come on all that strong.  I got some chocolate, cola, and spicy oak.  The oak hit me like I had just licked a fresh-cut board.  The tannins were present, but unimpressive, and didn’t integrate well with the alcohol.  Overall, this bottle of the Chateau Chevalier was a little flat and not very “rich.”

The Rib and I have opened several bottles of the Chateau Chevalier Cabernet Sauvignon over the last year or so.  If this had been my first experience with this wine, I definitely would not seek it out again, especially at the $25-$30 price tag (at Total Wine).  Having enjoyed previous bottles much more, I look forward to opening one of the remaining two bottles we have in the cellar to prove our fondness for this wine.  Until I open another bottle, I will cautiously recommend the 2004 Chateau Chevalier Cabernet Sauvignon.   www.chateauchevalier.com

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