2006 Grotta del Sole Fiano di Avellino

This is a Fiano from the Campania region of Italy.  Fiano is grown primarily in Italy’s Campania region and/or Cicily.  The Fiano grape varietal produces white wines with bold aromas and flavors that usually include honey and strong(er) spices.  Depending on the winemaking process, Fiano can take on a number of different aroma and flavor profiles and will sometimes come across a “heavier” white wine.  This particular bottle was fairly crisp and bold.

On the nose, I first got some citrus peel.  That was quickly followed by a bit of moss and/or wet wood.  There was also a hint of honeysuckle, and in a first for CorkEnvy reviews, I will be attributing “cat pee” to the nose of a wine.  “Cat pee” refers not so much to Fluffy’s litter pan, but more to the astringency and/or herbal qualities of the wine’s nose; the term is most commonly associated with Sauvignon Blancs (especially form New Zealand).  So yeah, there was “cat pee” and it was a good thing.

On the palate, the honey I got on the nose came through nicely and was the first taste to grip my taste buds.  There were also some nice melon notes, along with some grapefruit (peel).  While some Fianos can be closer to full-bodied than other whites, this one was a lighter bodied wine with a fairly delicate acid, but still came across as a nice, firm wine.

This was a nice little departure from “the usual” white varietals.  I think the Grotta del Sole would pair well with a sunny day of doing nothing from the shaded porch, patio, or deck of your choosing.  It would also go well with grilled chicken, grilled seafood, or a summer entrée salad.  At $15, it’s a nice little wine and more than worth a try, if only to experience “cat pee” as a positive attribute of a wine.

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