2006 Linden Avenius Red, Linden, Virginia

Note:  I know my posts have been sporadic over the last few weeks, but I am back in the saddle.  I returned this past weekend from a trip to Texas and have a backlog of wines to write up.  I will also be posting a report of my visit to several Texas Hill Country Wineries and Vineyards.  On to today’s wine…

The Avenius Red is a blend of Petit Verdot (79%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (21%) from one of my favorite Virginia producers, Linden Vineyards, as well as one of Virginia’s most talented and conscientious winemakers, Jim Law.

The nose on the Avenius showed some nice dark fruit.  I also got some “green” notes, a slight damp earthiness, and some nice woody notes—more cedar than oak.  The palate showed some pleasant spice and wood along with some gripping sour fruit (cranberry) initially.  As the wine opened up a bit, I got some great blackberry notes and the spice on the palate came across as licorice.  This wine really coated the mouth with smooth, silky tannins.  This wine was big, yet subtle and nuanced.

I really can’t say enough about the masterful treatment winemaker Jim law gives his grapes in the cellar.  I have visited the vineyard several times and have been impressed with every Linden wine I have tasted.  The 2006 Avenius is an amazing wine that will pair well with big meats and rich or spicy sauces.  I sipped this one slowly with my hosts during my trip to Texas rather than specifically pairing it with a meal.  At $36, this wine is well worth the price.  I have a couple of bottles remaining in my cellar, but plan to pick up a few more when I visit the winery again this spring.

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