2006 Worthy Sophia’s Cuvée, Napa Valley, California

The Worthy Sophia’s Cuvée is a Bordeaux-style blend from Napa Valley.  Worthy is a nice “second label” wine from renowned producer Axios.

I decanted this one for 2 hours.  The small taste I had when pouring this wine into the decanter was a bit harsh.  After decanting, the nose showed some dark fruit (black cherry) and big oak.  Some strawberry and vanilla notes started to emerge the longer this wine sat in the decanter.

On the palate, I got some big, sour fruit off of the Worthy.  To me, the fruit was mostly cranberry accompanied by a little plum and pomegranate.  Given the nose, I didn’t get the black cherry notes that I expected on the palate.  This wine is big and woody—very woody.  The oak came across more as wood than vanilla.  The Worthy smoothed out a bit over time, but there was some big wood on this one.

Were I to open another bottle, I would decant this one for at least four hours.  Had The Rib and I thought ahead a little further and gave the Worthy longer to decant (4-5 hours), I think we would have enjoyed it more.  Don’t get the wrong idea, though—this is a nice wine that promises to get better.  I feel like the Worthy would benefit from some additional bottle time.  At $30, I say purchase two bottles:  drink one bottle sooner than later (with a good decanting several hours ahead of pouring time) and take some notes on your impression of this wine; cellar the second bottle for a year or two before revisiting and compare the two experiences.  I have a feeling you’ll be glad you did.

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