2007 Maison Trimbach Pinot Blanc, Alsace, France

My wife and I enjoyed this wine while out to dinner.  It has a nice citrus nose with a slight hint of tropical pineapple.  Those citrus notes come through well when drinking and are accompanied by a nice, crisp acidity.  My wife sensed a bit of pear, which I understood, but I took it more as sour apple (think Jolly Rancher, only classier).  I enjoyed this wine with a grilled (slightly blackened) mahi-mahi, shrimp scampi, and a crab cake, and the wine not only held up well, but complimented the food very nicely; my wife said the wine also went well with her parmesan crusted shrimp and angel hair pomodoro.  The Trimbach retails for about $15, but even at a restaurant markup price, I would recommend it as a nice pairing with seafood, grilled white meats, or other lighter fare.

A quick note on “Pinot Blanc”:  Although the Maison Trimbach is labeled as a “Pinot Blanc,” it is actually a blend of Auxerrois Blanc (a grape relative of Chardonnay) and Pinot Blanc.  Don’t worry, though—the French make great wine, are proud of it, and have some very strict and specific laws for production and labeling of wine.  There’s no intended deceit with the labeling.  The 2008 vintage was a blend of 80% Auxerrois (it brings the sweet) and 20% Pinot Blanc (it brings the acid), so it’s fair to assume (with some level of confidence) the 2007 was blended in similar proportion.  That said, “true” single-varietal Pinot Blancs are produced, but sometimes difficult to find.

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