2007 Martin Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley

I decanted this wine for an hour or so before drinking.  It has a big, fruity, woody nose.  Nice wood essence that presents itself as cedar.  There’s some sour cherry and/or cranberry.  And is that unripe strawberry?  Yup, along with a little vanilla or cream.  The tannins take their time developing, but they are there—big, but smooth.  This is a big, fairly well-rounded wine with a long, tart finish.  Over two hours in, it just gets better.  I don’t remember the circumstances of this purchase, but for $20, I will definitely buy some more if available. If you like big Cabs, this might be for you, too.  Have it with a cigar or a big meat dish with a side of meat.

With cork in hand,


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