2007 Olson Ogden Pinot Noir, Sonoma, California

Opened this one for The Rib’s birthday.  We purchased this bottle at our favorite local wine shop last summer, where we had the opportunity to taste the wine with one of Olson Ogden’s proprietors, John Ogden.

On the nose, I got a little damp earth and mushroom.  There were also some fruit notes that hit me as cranberry and/or pomegranate.  I noticed the alcohol on the nose, but it “burned off” fairly quickly.  That said, a decanting would have done this wine some good.

On the palate, the Olson Ogden presented some sour fruit that I took as unripe strawberry.  There were some nice earthy notes to this one, as well.  We sipped this one slowly and it seemed to hit a nice sweet spot about two hours into the bottle.  I eventually got some cherry notes on the palate, but the fruit was still a bit sour.  There was also a hint of cola in there.  The tannins on this wine were fairly smooth and the acid allowed it to hold up well with food without being overpowering. There were some nice oaky notes that lingered on the finish.

Since it was The Rib’s birthday, she chose dinner for the evening and asked me to fry up some pork chops.  (For the record, pork chops are the most celebratory of your potential pan-fried meats).  The Olson Ogden Pinot actually paired well with the meal.

We didn’t finish this bottle on the evening we opened it, so we were each able to have another taste the next day.  The wine held up and presented largely the same as the night before, although it had smoothed out a bit.  I also got a little more fruit on the nose on the second night.  If (O.K., when) I open another bottle of the Olson Ogden Pinot, I will certainly give it three or four hours in the decanter before pouring.  Better yet, I could exercise some patience and leave this bottle alone in the cellar for another couple of years.  This is a nice, well-made boutique Pinot for $35.  Give it a try if you get the chance.

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