2008 Cooper Station Pinot Noir, Central Valley, California

It’s March 2, so I’ll start by wishing everyone a Happy Texas Independence Day.  Those of us from Texas are darn proud to be Texans, regardless of where we happen to live.  On to today’s wine…

I pulled the cork and poured this one straight from the bottle.  Before I could even get my sniffer close to the glass, I got a big plum on the nose.  Once I got my nose in there, heavy raisin notes took over—I mean took over.  I spent a couple of minutes on the nose and might have picked up a little cherry, but the nose on this wine was primarily raisin, more raisin, and plum.  The first sip confirmed what the nose indicated:  raisin and plum.  There was a little spice on it, but honestly, the raisin stole the show in this wine.  I didn’t decant, but as the wine sat for a bit in the bottle (or glass), the cherry notes became a little more noticeable.  I didn’t get a lot of tannin on this lighter-bodied Pinot, either; once again, the raisin won the day.  The Cooper Station had slightly more spice on the finish, which came across as mostly pepper.

The rib and I sipped this bottle slowly throughout the evening.  After being open for about four hours, I felt the raisin notes in this wine were a little much, so I didn’t enjoy the last few sips as much as the first few.

The Cooper Station is (was) one bottle among several in my cellar that is at or near the end of its drinking window.  This bottle is still more than drinkable, but I would advise against opening it if you’re not going to finish it within a couple of hours.  This wine is easy to drink and is not bad for the $12 price tag.  That said, I wouldn’t accuse the Cooper Station of being the most classic expression of Pinot Noir ever, but if you want to explore something a little different and don’t mind the idea of heavy raisin notes, I’d say give it a go.

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