2008 Fielding Hills Tasting Dinner

Last night, Fielding Hills Winery (East Wenatchee, WA) hosted a tasting dinner at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C. with food provided by the Blue Duck Tavern.  The dinner provided an opportunity to taste the five wines of the 2008 vintage with specially paired food selections during a five-course dinner.  The wine was fabulous, the food was fabulous, and the company was fabulous.

I was turned on to Fielding Hills’ wines by a friend a few years back and have enjoyed several of their wines since that time.  Every Fielding Hills wine I have tasted—across vintage and varietal—has been phenomenal.  The 2008 selections I had the opportunity to try last night were no exception.  Each of Fielding Hills’ single-varietal 2008 wines has received a 90+ point rating from Wine Spectator; after tasting these wines last night, I know why.  Tasting all of these varietals in one sitting further solidified my devotion to Fielding Hills wines.

The salad course was paired with the 2008 Fielding Hills Merlot.  I got some spice and cream notes on the nose of this one.  The palate showed some nice wood and spice.  There were some good blackberry notes and a great vanilla/cream, as well.

The second course of the meal was an outstanding Blood Orange & Sherry Vinegar Sorbet.  What a delight!  This was an outstanding palate cleanser before the main course.

The Fielding Hills 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2008 “Tribute” Blend were served with the main course of Braised Short Rib and Creamy Polenta Root Vegetables with Rosemary & Lemon.  The food was outstanding and both of these wines complimented the meal well.

The Fielding Hills Cabernet showed some nice dark fruit, pepper, and spice on the nose.  The palate had some nice blackberry, cream, and pepper, along with some earthy notes and sour fruit that I took as cranberry or unripe strawberry.

The “Tribute” Blend had some big fruit on the nose.  The palate had some incredible spice on it and a lot of blackberry and some nice creamy notes.  This one put me in mind of a “blackberry creamsicle,” if such a thing existed.

The dessert course was Warm Chocolate Cake with Syrah Syrup that was flat out “slap yo’ mama” good.  It was paired with the 2008 Fielding Hills Syrah and the 2008 Cabernet Franc.

The nose on the Syrah was of sweet, black fruit.  On the palate, I got some nice ripe blackberry and cream notes along with some surprisingly milder spice.

The Cabernet Franc had a nice earthy nose.  The palate on this one had some complex, but muted, fruit and some pleasant “green” or “stemmy” notes.  The earthiness of the Cabernet Franc paired wonderfully with the sweetness of the chocolate cake.

I was more than impressed with each of the 2008 Fielding Hills wines.  I will definitely be stocking my cellar with a bottle or two of each varietal.  That said, I walked away from the dinner last night favoring the 2008 Merlot (just slightly) over the other four varietals.  I look forward to having another bottle of each of these wines again.

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