2008 Fox Meadow Vineyards Le Renard Rouge, Linden, Virginia

The Renard Rouge is a Meritage Blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot that won the 2011 Virginia Governor’s Cup.

The nose on this one had a nice spice, a little twig, and some muted fruit.  I also got a little something that reminded me of caramel (odd, to be sure, but that’s what I got).  There were also some very nice floral notes on the nose.

On the palate, the Renard Rouge showed some great spice and oak.  Initially, I got some tart berry along with some nice floral tones.  Moving across the palate, the wine developed some nice strawberry notes.  As the wine opened up a bit (I probably should have decanted this one for a while), the spice came across with a bit of cinnamon and the fruit began to present itself as plum.  This wine had some soft, silky-smooth tannins on it.  Overall, I found the Renard Rouge to be a very good, complex, well-made wine.

As I said, I should have decanted the Renard Rouge before pouring.  This wine definitely got better as it opened up and seemed to hit a sweet spot four to five hours in.  I have another couple of bottles in the cellar that I will:  1) Wait a while to open; and/or 2) Decant for a couple of hours before pouring.  This is a well-made, well-integrated wine; however, the Renard Rouge wasn’t my cup of tea (“of course not,” you say, “it was a glass of wine”).  I liked this wine and look forward to tasting it again in the future, but I didn’t love it.  Objectively, this is a great wine and is more than worth a try for the $30 you’ll spend on the bottle.  It did win the Virginia Governor’s Cup, and it is (I really want to emphasize this point) objectively a very good wine.

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