2008 Les Hauts de Montfort Minervois “Les Mégalithes,” Languedoc Roussillon, France

The Les Mégalithes is a Grenache Blend from France.  On the nose, I got a little blackberry and some spice.  There was some sour, dark fruit that I took as cranberry on the palate.  The tannins were there, but weren’t too overpowering.  The wine had a medium finish that—to repeat myself a bit—was of wine.

The Les Mégalithes is a wine that I wouldn’t seek it out again.  Even at $10-$11, there are better wines out there.  That said, it’s a fairly easy wine to drink.  I have another bottle in the cellar that I will revisit again, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope that this wine will improve much with some more time in the bottle.

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