2008 Linden Boisseau Chardonnay, Linden, VA

Popped and poured this Chardonnay from one of my (and everyone else’s) favorite Virginia winemakers.

The nose showed some nice citrus notes—lemon, a hint of orange, and pineapple.  There were some stone/mineral aromas, as well, along with a slight (very slight) butter and herb and a hint of vanilla.  The Boisseau had a pleasant finish that lingered just short of long.

On the palate, the Boisseau gave me some lemongrass and a little butter and herb.  The acid on this wine was delicate, yet firm enough to hold the wine together well and stand up to a hearty meal.

As I may have said before (even earlier in this post), winemaker Jim Law does some phenomenal work (in both the vineyard and the cellar) that really translates to the bottle.  I personally prefer his Hardscrabble Chardonnay (a bit more crisp and “minerally”), but the Boisseau shows nicely.  If you’re somewhat local to the Northern Virginia area, I recommend trying the two Chardonnays side-by-side at the winery (with no more than five of your friends, per the request of Jim and the Linden team); doing so will demonstrate Jim’s mastery of his craft and give you the opportunity to compare Chardonnays made from two different vineyards located within a stone’s throw of each other.

At $24, I would try anything Jim Law produced (I know I’m sounding a bit of a mark for Linden, here, but the wines with the Linden label are very good across all vintages and varietals, and the 2008 Boisseau Chardonnay is no exception).  Pair this wine with the standard Chardonnay fare (chicken, seafood, cream-based sauces), some favorite cheese, or sip it on a hot July afternoon.  In every case, you will be pleased.  www.lindenvineyards.com

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