2008 Pearmund Cellars Ameritage, Broad Run, Virginia (Northern Region)

The Pearmund Ameritage is a Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (43%), Cabernet Franc (22%), Petit Verdot (14%), Malbec (13%), and Merlot (8%).  I decanted this wine for about an hour before pouring.

On the nose, I got a TON of spice and oak.  There was some essence of dark fruit, but to be honest, it was hard to discern through the oak.

On the palate, the Pearmund Ameritage showed the heavy oak I got on the nose along with some spice and licorice notes.  As for fruit, I got some black cherry and unripe strawberry.  This is a BIG wine, but the tannins were quite smooth.  The oak on this wine was almost overpowering, however.

Two hours after going into the decanter, the Pearmund showed some more nuanced notes, most notably, fig (on both the nose and palate).  I’m glad The Rib and I stuck with this wine throughout the evening—the longer it sat, the better (and smoother) it got.  I would say that this wine was a bit over-oaked, but decanting helped.  If I were to open another bottle, I would decant it for at least three hours before pouring, although I might have to question if this wine was worth waiting that long for.

If you have the foresight (and patience) to decant this wine for several hours before drinking, you will be rewarded.  I’m on the fence as far as aging potential:  on the one hand, aging might help mellow this wine a bit; on the other, aging might net an older bottle of a slightly above average blend.  At $20, the Pearmund Ameritage isn’t the greatest wine you’ll ever have, but it is definitely drinkable, especially if you love BIG oak.  A visit to the winery is a nice stop if you’re traveling through Northern Virginia.  www.PearmundCellars.com

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