2008 Sella & Mosca La Cala Vermentino di Sardegna La Cala, Sardinia, Italy

The La Cala has an astringent nose with citrus and lemon peel notes.  It shows lemon, honey, and a slight melon on the palate.  There is also a tangy acidity and faint minerality that brings a bit of a “pucker factor,” but in a good way.  I also got a little orange peel on the medium finish.

This is a unique wine made from the vermentino grape, which generally makes crisp white wines.  La Cala lives up to the expected crispness and is fine enough.  I wouldn’t turn this wine down, but it’s not a bottle that would specifically call me back to its shelf space at my local wine shop.  While you can find a wine as good or better than the La Cala for the $13 price tag, I would say it’s worth it to give it a try, if for no other reason than expanding your tasting experience.

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