2008 Shenandoah Vineyards Zinfandel Special Reserve, Amador County, CA

Popped and poured this one.  On the nose, I got a little twig and muted dark fruit that came across as mostly raisin.  Not much else to speak of on this one.  The raisin I sensed on the nose reminded me of Paula Abdul on the palate—”Straight Up” grape.  I also got a little plum after this bottle had been open for a bit.

The Rib and I didn’t finish the Shenandoah Zinfandel the night we opened it (it was the second bottle we sipped from on a lazy Saturday), so we revisited it the next day.  It was a little more “stemmy” and/or earthy on the palate than the day before.  The fruit was all grape the second day.

You might be able to guess, but I didn’t exactly fall in love with this wine (the bottle was never finished, by the way).  It was an easy enough drinker, but nothing special.  I won’t be seeking it out again.  Even at a $10 price point, it is easy to find a more enjoyable bottle of wine; do that instead of trying this one.

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