2009 Bodegas Couto Albariño Rías Baixas Serra da Estrela, Galicia, Spain

Albariño is grown primarily in the Galicia region of Spain.  The white wines made from the Albariño grape are known for their crisp acidity as well as their fruit and floral notes.  Albariño is sometimes likened to Viognier (for its fruit and floral notes) or Riesling (for its sometimes spicier notes).  This is an excellent varietal to serve chilled during the hot summer months and expand your wine-drinking horizon.  Albariño pairs particularly well with seafood.  Lesson over, now to the wine:

On the nose, I got some pineapple, citrus, and lemongrass.

The Bodegas Couto had a bit of an effervescent quality on the palate that carried the pineapple and citrus nicely.  There was a bit of a “green” quality to this wine, as well.  Straight out of the refrigerator, the wine was a bit syrupy.  The acid could have been a bit more prominent.

Overall, this wine was slightly above average.  It paired well enough with grilled chicken.  At $17, it’ll do, but I would rather throw another $3 in the kitty and go for an Albariño I enjoy a bit more (which I will do and write a review of when said bottle is back in stock at my local shop).  If you have never tried an Albariño, the Bodegas Couto Serra da Estrela isn’t the worst one to start with, but there are better expressions of this varietal out there.

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