2009 Essay, Swartland, South Africa

The 2009 Essay is a blend of Shiraz (Syrah), Cinsault, and Viognier.

I popped this bottle on a Saturday afternoon to sip on while The Rib and I knocked around the house.  The nose was super-fruity—lots of berry, particularly strawberry.  If this wine had been warm, I would have sworn I had just pulled a strawberry Pop-Tart from the toaster and broke it in half.  I got a slight spice, as well, but the nose was definitely dominated by the strawberry notes.

The palate on this one reminded me of strawberry jam with some faint plum notes.  As The Rib and I sipped this one over a couple of hours, I got a little bit of fig, too.  The fig was more of the Newton variety than of the actual fruit.

This is a fruit bomb if there ever was one.  I don’t mind a fruit-forward wine from time to time, but this was a little much for me personally; that said, I imagine this would be a big hit with those that like a fruitier red wine.  At $8-9, it’s o.k., but The Essay is little more than something to drink—not offensive, but not great.  There are much better wines at this price, to include serviceable Bordeaux (Chateau Leotins, ~$9), so unless you are in the mood for a Strawberry Newton, find another bottle to open.

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