2009 Grupo Yllera Viña Cantosán Verdejo, Rueda, Spain

Verdejo is native to Spain’s Rueda Region and produces crisp white wines with citrus notes, minerality, and sharp acidity.

2009 Grupo Yllera Viña Cantosán Verdejo
2009 Grupo Yllera Viña Cantosán Verdejo

The nose on this wine was primarily burnt sugar and pineapple, but traces of banana and dandelion came through, as well.

On the palate, the pineapple dominated and this wine put me in mind of the syrup from a canned fruit cocktail I enjoyed as a kid—only with more acidity. An hour or so in, orange notes and hint of nuttiness emerged.

If you haven’t tried a Verdejo before, I would highly recommend it—particularly as an alternative to Pinot Gris. This Verdejo should pair beautifully with entrée salads, fish, shellfish, lighter chicken dishes, or with the Kindle and some smooth, creamy cheese on the patio on a pleasant spring afternoon.

If you enjoy a crisp white wine, give the Grupo Yllera Viña Cantosán Verdejo a go—you kinda can’t go wrong for the $9 (or less) you’ll pay per bottle.



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