2009 Real Sitio de Ventosilla Ribera del Duero Prado Rey Rosado, Castilla y León, Spain

The Predo Rey Rosado is a unique rosé blend (50% Tinto Fino/50% Merlot) from the Ribera del Duero appellation of Spain that is fermented in oak barrels.

On the nose, I got some strawberry notes that were reminiscent of a pitcher of strawberry Kool-Aid made with not quite enough sugar.  There were also some nice wood and vanilla notes on the nose.

On the palate, the strawberry was there, but quite faint.  The vanilla came through nicely, however.  On the first few sips, the Predo Rey Rosado put me in mind of a watered-down strawberry Fanta with a shot of vanilla.  As the wine warmed a bit, cherry notes began to emerge and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if there wasn’t a slight hint of banana in there, too!  Don’t get me wrong, this wine doesn’t taste like a children’s fruit drink spiked with alcohol—it’s a solid wine that surprises as it refreshes.

The wood on this pleasant rosé makes for a unique wine drinking experience.  It’s not exactly a full-bodied wine, but it drinks much bigger than it actually is.  I think it would stand up to grilled meats, but would also pair well with lighter selections (fish/chicken/summer salads) without overpowering them.

I must admit the Predo Rey Rosado strikes my fancy.  This is the second bottle The Rib and I have opened in the last year.  I was curious to see if we would enjoy it as much the second time as we did the first; we did, if not more so.  At $13, this is a nice, guest-friendly rosé selection that will impress casual and experienced wine drinkers alike.  Go get a bottle.

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