2010 Shane Syrah Ma Fille Rosé, Sonoma County, CA

This is a Rosé of Syrah made by Shane Finley, who is also the assistant winemaker for Kosta Browne.  I had the opportunity to meet and speak briefly with Shane when he was presenting his wines in the D.C. area a few months back.  In addition to making some great wines, Shane seems to be a pretty nice guy to boot.

On the nose, I got some melon and strawberry notes.  There was also some decent vanilla and a little burnt sugar after the wine had been opened for a bit.

On the palate, the melon came through nicely.  There was a slight hint of honey, as well, which brought along the burnt sugar an hour or so into this wine.  As the wine warmed, it presented some nice citrus notes—particularly orange—on the medium-long finish.  The acid on this wine was strong enough to hold up to a substantial food pairing without being overpowering.

The Shane Ma Fille Rosé is a great representation of what a Rosé can be.  This wine would be a great summer sipper on the patio or in the backyard.  The Rib and I paired this with some spicy Italian sausage on the grill and it worked beautifully.  Don’t let the bad wrap that “Pink Wine” is sometimes saddled with discourage your potential enjoyment of this (or any other quality Rosé) wine.  This versatile wine is more than worth the $18 price tag (at Rick’s Wine and Gourmet).  Grab a bottle for your 4th of July festivities.  You will NOT be disappointed.  www.shanewines.com

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