About CorkEnvy

CorkEnvy began as a vehicle for Stub to sip and write a little about wine, but it’s about way more than wine, isn’t it? There’s t.v., music, people, cooking, and even some musings on public policy issues from time to time; but the one thing (at least 99% of the time) that brings it all together is the wine. If it can be done—provided “it” isn’t operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment, climbing a ladder, or handling loaded firearms—Stub will do it with a glass of wine in hand and tell you about it after.

At CorkEnvy, we take wine seriously, but try our best not to take ourselves too seriously.


About Stub

Wherever you go, there you are. Wherever I go, I get a glass of wine.

Stub likes small shiny objects, things that begin with the letter “Q,” and long walks on the beach. He also thinks the presence of a chimpanzee (the chimpanzee being your Cadillac of monkeys) pretty much makes any situation funny—except in the case of primate abuse, which is never funny.

A ton of tasting over several years, a couple of unrelated academic degrees, and a desire to be the model 21st-Century stay-at-home husband led Stub to create CorkEnvy. He has diverse experience in the foodservice industry and fancies himself a pretty decent home cook. It has also been said that he resembles the (nonexistent) love child of Jason Alexander and Michael J. Fox, and/or a pretty close relation to Jonathan Frakes. He has been described positively as a good friend, good neighbor, and all-around good guy, but that doesn’t mean he won’t use his experience, knowledge, charm, charisma, stellar voice, and killer good looks to conquer the wine world (or at least a small piece of it). And one of these days, he’s going to actually sit for the Certified Specialist of Wine exam (hey, sometimes you get busy…).

Stub won the 2015 Wine Blog Award for “Best Photography or Video on a Wine Blog” and the “Best Wine Review” award at the 2016 International Wine Film Festival. He has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the San Jose Mercury News. Stub is currently a regular contributor as a Wine/Lifestyle Expert to the Emmy-award winning Daytime Blue Ridge on NBC’s Roanoke, VA affiliate.

Stub is a former active duty United States Marine, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Politics, and a Master of Public Policy—the former being his most proud accomplishment, the two latter resulting in the most expensive pieces of wall art in his home office.

So while you may say to yourself, “yeah, that guy knows wine,” rest assured he works every single day to improve his knowledge, his palate, and to make wine fun, unpretentious, and accessible for everyone. Follow Stub on the Twitters: @CorkEnvy


About “The Rib”

One of the few known pictures of The Rib. She’s probably criticizing the ocean here.

Beyond myth and legend, little is actually known about The Rib, other than she is also a former United States Marine and can usually be spotted with Stub sipping wine and delivering her own brand of witty criticism. Follow The Rib on the Twitters: @RibOfCorkEnvy


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