Author: Stub

Canuck Is Not An Ethnic Slur

Kern is in the umpires’s chair spinning an appropriately-titled playlist called “Canuck Is Not An Ethnic Slur,” celebrating music from our neighbors to the north as Stub takes on VERY SPECIAL GUEST, winemaker, brewer, and beverage alcohol consultant, Tim Vandergrift. Some of the questions answered on today’s episode include: 1) Does Stub know the finer […]

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Talkin’ ‘Bout Friends

Stub is back in the umpire’s chair this week spinning a poignant playlist titled “Talkin’ ‘Bout Friends” as Kern competes against VERY SPECIAL GUEST Erin Cell from Socially Powered. If you like the podcast, you’ll absolutely LOVE this week’s double-length episode! Some of the questions answered during this episode include: 1) Has Jeannie Veezie provided […]

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