Author: Stub

2008 Linden Boisseau Chardonnay, Linden, VA

Popped and poured this Chardonnay from one of my (and everyone else’s) favorite Virginia winemakers. The nose showed some nice citrus notes—lemon, a hint of orange, and pineapple.  There were some stone/mineral aromas, as well, along with a slight (very slight) butter and herb and a hint of vanilla.  The Boisseau had a pleasant finish that lingered just short of… Read more →

2009 Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

Quick hit on this accessible, serviceable Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand: The nose hit me with some green pepper (fairly characteristic of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs), cut grass, and a little bit of citrus. The citrus came through well on the palate:  there was, most notably, lemon and/or orange zest, along with a little bit of grapefruit, maybe?  The acid… Read more →

2006 Grotta del Sole Fiano di Avellino

This is a Fiano from the Campania region of Italy.  Fiano is grown primarily in Italy’s Campania region and/or Cicily.  The Fiano grape varietal produces white wines with bold aromas and flavors that usually include honey and strong(er) spices.  Depending on the winemaking process, Fiano can take on a number of different aroma and flavor profiles and will sometimes come… Read more →

Memorial Day 2011

Last Thursday evening, I picked The Rib up from work and we decided to grab a quick bite at the IHOP in Alexandria, VA, just south of Arlington/Crystal City.  We parked the truck next to a couple of Harleys that displayed the patch of a local Vietnam Veterans’ motorcycle club from New Hampshire and were honored to have the opportunity… Read more →