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“Guilty Pleasure” Songs, Dancing With The Stars, and a Cabernet

  How does one define a “guilty pleasure?” It’s something one enjoys even though it defies logic, decorum, taste, and usually, one would generally prefer people not know about it, right? Well, the good folks at ABC who produce Dancing with the Stars (a bit of a guilty pleasure itself, right?) decided to take on this taboo area this week… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 24, Who Woulda Thought This Would Be Such A Chore?

So Day 24 finds The Rib and me in beautiful downtown Richmond, VA for the 2012 Virginia Wine Expo.  Between traffic and other stuff, we got down from Northern Virginia a little later than planned.  The result: we missed an hour of the wine tasting and I didn’t give notes on today’s wine until after we returned to our hotel… Read more →

2004 Chateau Chevalier Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California

I decanted the Chateau Chevalier (with a horse right on the label) Cabernet Sauvignon from California’s famed Napa Valley for about an hour and a half before pouring. On the nose, I got some big fruit—blackberry, raisin, and maybe a little fig.  There was a little “earthiness” and some [wet] leather notes, as well.  The alcohol on this wine was… Read more →

2007 Martin Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley

I decanted this wine for an hour or so before drinking.  It has a big, fruity, woody nose.  Nice wood essence that presents itself as cedar.  There’s some sour cherry and/or cranberry.  And is that unripe strawberry?  Yup, along with a little vanilla or cream.  The tannins take their time developing, but they are there—big, but smooth.  This is a… Read more →