Chardonnay the Italian Way!

2008 Tenuta Mazzolino Blanc Provincia di Pavia IGT, Lombardia, Italy

Lombardia, Italy

Tenuta Mazzolino is located in Lombardia in the far north of Italy (the region borders Switzerland).  The Blanc is a 100% estate-grown Chardonnay (yup, they make those in Italy).  It is made with a soft press and aged in French Oak (which generally produces less “oakiness” and keeps the fruit notes fairly crisp and light).

On the nose, this wine had a slight hint of butter.  There were some excellent citrus notes and a little bit of nuttiness, as well.

On the palate, the Blanc presented some great citrus notes—mostly lemon—but I also got a little orange when I tried hard enough.  Some nice, smooth cream came through, too, along with a hint of toasted almond.  An hour or so in, slight buttery notes began to emerge.

2008 Tenuta Mazzolino Blanc

The Rib and I have opened two bottles of the Tenuta Mazzolino Blanc this summer.  The first bottle was paired with a basic grilled chicken breast; the second bottle was part of a two-wine dinner and was poured to pair with the lobster tail half of a surf-and-turf duo.  Both pairings worked out well.  Stick with chicken or seafood and you can’t go wrong with this one, although it would stand up well to creamy sauces, too.  At $18, this is a nice little Chardonnay made in the “old-world” style (not the toasty ‘butter bombs’ typical of California Chardonnays) that presents some light, crisp fruit notes.  I really enjoyed this wine, which was complex enough, but didn’t require hours and hours to figure it out.  It’s an easy-drinking white that you wouldn’t mind pulling the cork on for a random Wednesday night dinner.  Give it a go!

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