Happy 238th Birthday United States Marine Corps!


It’s been several years since the Rib and I last donned our uniforms, but we hold the title “Marine” as close to our hearts as ever—a task made easier by the fact that we lie down with and wake up next to a Marine every morning (which we highly recommend, by the way).

Wedding bands, whiskey, and the Corps. There's nothing more romantic!
Wedding bands, whiskey, and the Corps. There’s nothing more romantic!

Those of us who are Marines celebrate the founding of our Corps 238 years ago today by honoring our history, our traditions, our accomplishments, and by remembering those with whom we served, those who served before us, and those who proudly serve today.

The Corps is a band of brothers and sisters whose strength is self-derived and infinite. Our dedication to the Corps does not end when we pack away our uniforms for the last time. Our dedication endures. Always.

Stub’s Promotion to Sergeant of Marines.

This evening, we will toast our beloved Corps with a whiskey, fire up two of our finest cigars, and wax nostalgic about our days in uniform (probably over a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon).

We will go to sleep tonight knowing that the strong legacy of our United Stated Marine Corps endures and be proud that we earned the opportunity to be a small part of that legacy.

The finest of all monuments and memorials!

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Semper Fi,
Stub & The Rib

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