Welcome to CorkEnvy!

I’m Stub, and I’m here to write about wine.  Most of my posts will be brief reviews of wines that I drink.  I’ll probably pepper in some pop culture and other musings here and there, as well; but rest assured, every post will somehow relate to wine.  Most of the wine reviews will be short and sweet, just like the ones you’d see from recognized reviewers writing for big-league publications.  I’ll do my best to differentiate myself a bit; maybe by wearing a different kind of pants than the other people wear?  We’ll see.

I understand not everyone wants to (or can) shell out big bucks for great wine.  I’m here to tell you:  you don’t have to (although big bucks do—sometimes—get you closer to great wine).  That said, I’m not here to focus on “value” wines, nor am I solely focused on exclusive bottles that few can ever hope to enjoy.  I will review any and all wines and let you know if I feel like the wine is a good value for the price—whatever that price may be.

I hope you enjoy the site.  Give me a little leeway as I find my “blog legs,” and we’ll all have a great time with wine.  And really, when isn’t any time better with wine?

With my cork out,


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