I’m Not Gonna Stop Drinking “Meritage” Just ‘Cuz You Say “Meri-tahj…”

2007 Lyeth Meritage Reserve, Sonoma County, CA

2007 Lyeth Meritage Reserve

The Lyeth is a Bordeaux-style (“Meritage,” rhymes with “heritage”) blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot.

On the nose, I got raisin, a little cranberry, and some spicy notes (mostly licorice).  There was a bit of stemminess (early on) in there, too.

On the palate, the Lyeth brought the raisin and cranberry.  The tannins on this wine were smooth, but they really snuck up on me.  The finish was spicy and tart (those that know me best expect a “2nd ex-wife” joke here; insert your own).

The Rib (who, despite my years of making the above mentioned “1st/2nd/3rd ex-wife” jokes, is my first and only wife) and I really enjoyed this one.  It was quite a surprise.  And it got bigger and bigger as it went.  I love that the finish hit me hard while leaving me wanting more.  The Lyeth isn’t quite a traditional Bordeaux-style red, but this bottle was super-interesting and a joy to drink.  We couldn’t get over it.

At $17, this is a nice little red blend.  It is definitely worth trying—this wine packs a lot into the bottle, even if in a subtle way.  I’m looking forward to opening my other bottle of the Lyeth Meritage and hoping to find another bottle or two so I can follow this wine as it ages a bit.  For under $20, you should, too.  www.lyethestate.com

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