Linden to the Second Power Equals Twice the Enjoyment

In looking through my backlog of tasting notes, I realized I had two Clarets from Linden Vineyards in the pipeline.  The Rib and I love Linden wines and while Jim Law’s Clarets (which are Bordeaux-style red blends) represent Linden’s more pedestrian or entry-level offerings, these two bottles lived up to the label’s reputation.  Here are my impressions of consecutive vintages:

2007 Linden Claret, Linden, Virginia

Label From 2007 Linden Claret

I poured the 2007 Linden Claret through the Vinturi into a decanter and let it sit for an hour or so before pouring.

On the nose, the 2007 Linden showed a bit of brambly-ness, earthiness, and wet leather.

On the palate, this wine had a beautiful, slightly creamy oak that carried a very muted dark fruit through the palate into the medium-long finish.

The 2007 Linden Claret is a decent enough wine at $22.  It’s not my all-time favorite Linden selection, but is worth a try, especially if you are a fan of a less fruit-forward red.

2008 Linden Claret, Linden, Virginia

2008 Linden Claret

I poured the 2008 Linden Claret through the Vinturi into the decanter and let it sit for about 45 minutes before pouring.

On the nose, I got some nice dark berry notes that were mostly blackberry.  I also got some fig and spicy licorice notes, too.  The 2008 Linden Claret showed a little bit of wet earth on the sniffer, too.

The first thing I noticed on the palate was the nice, solid oak that remained from first sip through the finish.  There were some interesting leathery notes, too.  The fruit came through as plum, black cherry, and maybe a bit of cranberry.  The tannins on this one were perfect—grippy and solid.  A few sips in, the oak took over a bit—not in a bad way—and presented some nice vanilla notes on the finish.

The Rib and I took a several hours with this bottle, and it kept getting better as we sat with it.  The 2008 Claret is a nice little bottle at $21.  This is another solid showing from winemaker Jim Law.

I would never hesitate to try a wine displaying the Linden label and you shouldn’t, either.  It’s not the easiest wine to find (the best way is to visit the winery in Linden, VA), but worth the effort when you pick up a bottle (or case).  Neither of these bottles are listed on the Linden website for sale, so finding them may be difficult.  I do, however, look forward to getting my hands on a 2009 vintage.

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