May The 4th Be With You!

So today is Star Wars Day.  Clever, huh?

Now I’m as big a fan of the franchise as any other guy (or girl) who grew up with the original film trilogy.  I haven’t read (or tried to write) any fan-fic or anything, but I still like the films.  I prefer the first three episodes (IV, V, and VI) to the last three (I, II, and III), but I get the whole story.  Keep in mind though, there’s a reason Mr. Lucas gave us the end of the story first (I’m sure he’s said why at some point to someone in an interview, I just don’t happen to know what said reason is).

Now that I’m a “big kid,” I try to amass bottles of wine instead of Star Wars action figures and Millennium Falcon replicas.  That said, being a fan of the films, fond of wine, and still a kid in so many ways, I naturally tried to figure out a way to marry the two interests.

How did I do it?  I looked for commonalities between my favorite Star Wars characters and specific wine varietals.  Here they are:


Lando Calrissian


Look at that smile!

You’re never quite sure what you’re going to get, but in the end, it’s (usually) smooth, sumptuous, and always a hit with the ladies!


Boba Fett


This guy's seen a thing or two...

You don’t know a ton about it, but when you see it, you’re always pleasantly surprised.


Storm Troopers

White Zinfandel

Boring? Check. Simple? Check. Overrated? Double check.

Sometimes comes in handy, but even the novice can do so much better—whether drafting an army of blind minions or choosing a bottle of wine.




Taken after last week's company softball game.

Big, bold, and a little scary until you get to know it.




His first head shot. Successful B movie actor he is now.

So many styles and attitudes.  Serious, silly, or in-between, it’s always what it’s supposed to be, even if it’s not one of the ones you’re looking for.



Sauvignon Blanc

To be so smart, he always looks confused.

Can be a bit dry, but good to have around for the right occasion.


Obi-Wan Kenobi


From security camera footage during a dispute with a "sandwich artist."

Aged, well-rounded, and complex.


Han Solo

Red Rhone Blend

Everywhere he looks, he finds some kind of trouble.

In your face and a little rough around the edges until you settle in with it and begin to appreciate it in all of its complexity.




On the set of "Cocoon."

One-of-a-kind that gets better with age and still has a lot to offer.


Princess Leia


What picture did you think I would use?

Smooth and sexy while being strong-willed and complicated.


Darth Vader

Cabernet Sauvignon

Any way you "slice" it, this guy's menacing!

Big and bold with an underlying complexity that could take a while to figure out.


Luke Skywalker


Galactic hero turned celebrity chef.

There’s a little bit of everything in there.  Waiting for it to mature enough to show its true potential takes patience.


To be fair, I did include one character introduced in the later films:

Jar Jar Binks


From the poster promoting his tour with Damian Marley.

Part of the complete story, but if it wasn’t created or we never met, we might be better off for it.


How’d I do?  I’m sure someone will put more thought into this than I did, so let me hear it.  Enjoy the weekend!

Cheers from the Corkpit,


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