Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 24, Who Woulda Thought This Would Be Such A Chore?

So Day 24 finds The Rib and me in beautiful downtown Richmond, VA for the 2012 Virginia Wine Expo.  Between traffic and other stuff, we got down from Northern Virginia a little later than planned.  The result: we missed an hour of the wine tasting and I didn’t give notes on today’s wine until after we returned to our hotel… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 23, A Grape, A Pork Chop, and A Piece of Bubble Gum Walk Into a Bar…

We’re on the home stretch of the Twenty-Wine Days of February.  I am relieved—since I don’t have to go all-out to find a wine, pair it with a meal, cook the meal, and write it up on the same day—but am also a bit disappointed—since this has been a pretty fun little experiment.  It’s not over yet, though: one week… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 20, Drinking Presidential-Style!

Happy President’s Day!  Today’s the day we celebrate all past Presidents instead of celebrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln separately—because Richard Nixon didn’t want to be forgotten once he left office.  There was probably little chance of that, anyway, right?  There are also some pretty good sales, particularly on mattresses. (Note: The above comment on the origin of ‘President’s Day’… Read more →