Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 16, Don’t Laugh, ‘Cause You Know You’re Going to Try It

Somehow the day got away from me trying to get my iPad repaired/replaced.  I’m happy to report that when I’m done here, I’ll be setting my new iPad to syncing.  Good thing I did a backup before it stopped working; all of my ‘Words to live by from #MyNameIsEarl’ quotes were on that thing.  What will I tweet first thing… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 14, Anniversary and Valentine’s Day and Love and Stuff

Some years ago on this day, The Rib and I were married in Huntingdon, England  (the beginning of our ‘full-time fancy’ lifestyle, I suppose) in what was THE social event of the year for a small group of U.S. military brothers and sisters in arms (in short, we eloped).  If I’ve made even one good decision in my life, marrying… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 13

2006 Clos Saint-Michel Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone, France I decanted this Rhone blend for about an hour before pouring. On the nose, I got a little spice (licorice), some heavy oak and dark berries—mostly cranberry. The palate brought some nice, smooth dark fruit in the form of blackberry.  The mid palate brought some nice oak and tannins that were as smooth as… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 8

2009 Tin Barn Vineyards Zinfandel Gilsson Vineyard, Sonoma, CA I received this half bottle of Tin Barn as part of a ‘swag bag’ last August at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Charlottesville, VA.  The Rib and I pulled the cork on this wee bottle and poured a glass as we popped a frozen pizza into the oven.  Full-time fancy, we… Read more →