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“Guilty Pleasure” Songs, Dancing With The Stars, and a Cabernet

  How does one define a “guilty pleasure?” It’s something one enjoys even though it defies logic, decorum, taste, and usually, one would generally prefer people not know about it, right? Well, the good folks at ABC who produce Dancing with the Stars (a bit of a guilty pleasure itself, right?) decided to take on this taboo area this week… Read more →

You Have A “Loose Herb;” Wait, That Doesn’t Sound Right…

2009 Orsolani Erbaluce di Caluso Al Bacio, Piedmont, Italy The Erbaluce (pronounce “ehr-bah-LOO-chay”) grape is indigenous to the Piedmont region of Italy.  It is primarily grown in and around Caluso.  Wines made from the Erbaluce grape have notes somewhat reminiscent of un-oaked (or “unplugged” for you Gen-X’ers) Chardonnay or a Viognier (lemon, apple, maybe some pear, along with honey and/or… Read more →