Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 10, This Here’s Real!

The 10th Day of February finds us on a Friday afternoon, when the neighbors expect the Garage Bar at CorkEnvy to be open for business.  The Rib moved her daily workout from the morning to afternoon, so I decided to wait until she got home to open today’s selection.  The fact that I had simmered up some chicken-n-dumplings for dinner made selecting an appropriate wine a bit difficult.  I immediately thought a fruity Chardonnay would be a decent choice; a fruitier red—maybe a Beaujolais—would be a good choice, too.  I had several Chardonnays in the inventory, but no Gamays; Chardonnay, it was.

2008 Sonoma Hill Winery Chardonnay Lot 27, Sonoma, California

2008 Lot 27 Chardonnay

We popped and poured this California Chardonnay before serving up some traditional Southern fare.

On the nose, the Lot 27 gave me a bit of petrol, butterscotch, and lemon.

The palate held true to the nose and presented lemon, faint butterscotch, and orange peel.  The bitterness of citrus peel lingered on the medium finish.  As the wine sat open for a bit, orange peel notes were dominant.  The acid on this wine was not overpowering, but provided enough backbone to stand up to the creaminess and peppery-ness of the chicken-n-dumplings.  A bit later on, the Lot 27 gave off some pineapple essences, but was still dominated by orange peel.

This was a decent enough Chardonnay.  It wasn’t tackily over-oaked, so it gave some nice citrus notes and cut through the creaminess of the doughy dumplings.  I wasn’t blow away by this wine, but it did the trick well enough.  Still, I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase another bottle.

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