Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 18, Just In The Nick Of Time

The Rib and I were all set to sequester ourselves in the house for the long weekend and catch up on our stories on the “magic box.”  Wouldn’t you know it, we decided over coffee and tea to spend most of the day out and about.  Our all day adventure resulted in us having dinner out (sans wine since we had a few more places to stop by—the horror!) and getting home a little late.  A quick pop and pour of a simple bottle was in order so I could get the next bottle in before midnight, being that I’m super dedicated.

Patrick Lesec Petite Crau, France

Patrick Lesec Petite Crau

I poured this non-vintaged Red Rhone Blend through the Vinturi and into the glass immediately.

On the nose, I got some earthy/mushroomy, almost mossy notes.  There was some muted dark fruit, cocoa notes, and a slight tobacco.  After a minute of two in the glass, this wine reminded me of a hamster cage (albeit a clean one) due to the cedar coming out of the glass.

On the palate, the cigar box and cedar notes were accentuated by deep blackberry and currant.  The Petit Crau was very “green,” like a branch or two from a young sapling had been soaking in the bottle.  There were little to no noticeable tannins on this wine, despite the woodiness.  We broke off a couple of small chunks of dark chocolate, which actually went really well with this wine.

I wouldn’t say the Petit Crau is bad, but it’s definitely odd.  I couldn’t quite get my head around it.  At $8-$9, I’m not exactly devastated that The Rib and I were a touch disappointed (even though we took down a little more than half the bottle), but I can’t enthusiastically recommend this one.

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