Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 21, This Merlot Is A Go!

As The Rib and I were tidying the house yesterday afternoon, we decided to open a bottle of wine—surprised you are, I’m sure.  I guess I should be a little more specific: as The Rib did the lion’s share of de-cluttering the house yesterday, I opened a bottle, had about half a glass with her, then went outside to entertain any passers-by of the Garage Bar at CorkEnvy.  I decided on a Merlot for no other reason than I haven’t popped the cork on a Merlot in a while and I was looking for a wine that would be easy-drinking, easy-to-share, and yummy.  I think I succeeded…

2007 Gordon Brothers Merlot, Columbia Valley, Washington

2007 Gordon Brothers Merlot

I popped the cork on this wine and poured it through the Vinturi into a decanter and immediately started sipping.

On the nose, the wine presented mostly blackberry and black cherry.  An oaky spice and a touch of vanilla/cream complemented the dark fruit notes.

On the palate, this fruit-forward wine brought some nice blackberry up front, followed by black cherry notes in the middle and through to the finish.  There was a hint of new leather in there, too, but it was tempered a bit by a faint, creamy oak.  The tannins weren’t particularly noticeable, but this thinner-bodied Merlot had a surprisingly long finish.

Merlot isn’t generally a “go-to” varietal for me (not that I’m “anti-Merlot” or anything), but I was pleasantly surprised by and happy with this wine.  The Rib agreed (as did M.C. and the few other neighbors who had an opportunity to taste this one).  The Gordon Brothers Merlot isn’t overly “wine-y” or complicated (read ‘easy-drinking’) and would please wine drinkers of varying tastes or experience; I would love to pair it with something as simple as grilled burgers.  For $23, I’d be more than happy to pick up another bottle or two of this one as an “everyday drinker” or even as a red selection for a festive gathering at any of the CorkEnvy entertaining spaces.

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