Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 22, Looking Forward To Spring

While it doesn’t exactly feel like February here in the National Capital Region, I’m really looking forward to spring.  It’ll be warm enough to work comfortably outside during the day and cool enough that a manly fire will still be warranted in front of the Garage Bar in the evenings.  So when The Rib and I walked by this wine on the shelf at our favorite local wine shop, we longingly grabbed a bottle to consume right away.

Domaine des Negues Made By G, Beaujolais, France

Made By G- It's in a big glass, 'cause getting up to refill is a pain!

The ‘Made By G’ is a 100% sparkling Gamay.  I pulled the bottle from the fridge, popped the cork, and poured The Rib and I each a glass.

On the nose, this wine smelled of a fruity cotton candy with a touch of cream.

The palate was true to the nose: lots of grape and a bit of creamy, sweet cotton candy.  That’s as complicated as it got.

So why this wine?  For starters, it’s easy drinking.  EASY drinking.  I can’t imagine anyone not liking this, even if it isn’t the most “serious” wine on the shelf.  Did I mention it drinks easily?  The Rib and I have enjoyed a bottle or two of the ‘made By G’ before and while this bottle didn’t impress us quite as much as previous bottles, it didn’t last terribly long.  I’m sure we’ll pick up another bottle or two once it starts getting warmer outside and I might even pull out the ol’ Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine and use the ‘Made By G’ as the flavoring syrup at some point in the spring.  I’ll report on that as soon as I try it.

At $18 (give or take), this is an interesting bottle of wine.  This would be a nice spring/summer afternoon sipper on the patio, especially considering the 9% alcohol content.  Whether you’re a full-on connoisseur, casual drinker, or wine novice, give this wine a try.  Everyone can find something to like about this one.

Cheers from the Corkpit,


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