Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 28, February’s Over… Or IS It?

In most years, today would be the last day of February.  Not today, though.  We have one more day to go…LEAP DAY!

So this is the last bottle of wine I will open before Leap Day William arrives to trade his candy for the tears of children.  I was hoping it would be better, but tomorrow is a “free day,” so I’ll have a second chance at the last bottle of February!

2010 Casa Vinicola Barbi Orviéto Classico Abboccato, Umbria, Italy

2010 Casa Vinicola Barbi Orviéto Classico Abboccato

I popped and poured this Trebbiano blend after lunch.

On the nose, there was a slight mineral tempered by citrus notes—mostly lemon and orange peel.

On the palate, this wine was a bit syrupy.  The orange and lemon peel came through along with some fairly prominent pineapple notes.  There was also a very slight minerality on this wine.  An hour or so in, the Casa Vinicola Barbi opened up and reminded me of a canned fruit cocktail.  The acid on this wine is very citric.

I paired this one with an afternoon of laundry and dishes.  It was definitely the high point of the afternoon (at least until the Garage Bar opened to guests).  The Rib came home to half a bottle of this wine left for tasting—her reaction to this one: “I don’t really love it, but it goes down super easily.”

At $11-12, this is a decent enough bottle.  However, I think I might prefer an Albariño from Spain for a few dollars more rather than try this one again.

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