Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 4

Day four began with lunch (yeah, The Rib and I slept in a bit), followed by choosing the bottle of wine we would sip on throughout the afternoon.  We spent about four hours drinking this one and were not even close to disappointed with the Bordeaux blend we selected.

2009 Château Brisson Chateau Baby, Bordeaux, France

2009 Chateau Brisson Chateau Baby

On the nose, the Chateau Baby was all blackberry and spice.

On the front of the palate, there was a slight bitterness that dissipated quickly as the wine sat in the decanter for a bit.  The blackberry was prominent and rode a nice wave of oak throughout the entire palate. The tannins were smoother than the Elvis on the velvet, and while I didn’t get much in the way of vanilla or cream, the medium finish had some nice oaky notes.

The Rib and I took about four hours with this bottle.  The Chateau Baby just got better and better and better.  For under $11, don’t put Chateau Baby in the corner (maybe the cellar, but “nobody puts Baby in the corner,” right?).  Go get a couple of bottles of this one and serve this nice, easy drinking Bordeaux to everyone.

Cheers from the Corkpit,


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