Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 6- Wine, Laughter, and Love

With The Rib heading back to the mill for the first day since a month-long absence and me spending the day preparing for the eventual zombie apocalypse with M.C., dinner tonight was a simple reheat of the [fabulous] meat sauce and spaghetti I prepared over the weekend.  Since we were both a bit tired and somewhat disinterested in ‘thinking’ much about a wine tonight, we went with a blend from one of Virginia’s most interesting wine characters: Gabriele Rausse.

Gabriele Rausse Rosso, Virginia

Gabriele Rausse Rosso

We purchased this non-vintage red blend at last year’s Virginia Wine Expo as part of a case after tasting with the Godfather of Virginia wine, Gabriele.  We popped the cork and poured it immediately after throwing together a quick salad while the spaghetti sauce was heating.

On the nose, there were some nice cocoa and cherry notes; the palate brought the same.  I can’t spend too much more time describing this one, as it is not much more than a light, easy-drinking juice.  I don’t mean that in a bad way.

While it’s easy to get bogged down dissecting a wine to pieces (at least for some of us), this bottle serves as a reminder that sometimes the best wine is the one you drink while sharing your best times with others.  The Rib and I downed this bottle fairly quickly over dinner and conversation and laughter and love (yeah, I’m a romantic at heart).

At $15, this wine is a nice, well-made table wine that paired well with meat sauce.  I’m sure even the “pickiest” wine drinkers will find something to like about this one.  The thing I like best about it: I’m carrying the last half glass upstairs as The Rib and I call it an early night.  Best times, indeed!

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