Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 7, K Syrah…Sera

Creative title, right?  Full disclosure here, The Rib and I actually had this bottle on Sunday evening.  I was preparing to write this one up last night, but between formatting pictures, going through my notes, and the fact that last night’s selection went down a little too easily, I wrote that one up instead.  But don’t worry: I took great notes on the K and will give this article the attention it deserves before popping the cork on tonight’s wine.

2007 K Vintners Syrah Milbrandt Vineyard- Columbia Valley, Washington

2007 K Syrah Milbrandt Vineyard

I poured this Syrah from the Wahluke Slope appellation through the Vinturi into the decanter and waited an hour before pouring.

On the nose, there was some nice oak, blueberry, spice, and new leather notes.  There may have been a hint of vanilla/cream in there, too, but it wasn’t very prominent early on.

On the palate, the blueberry notes stole the show.  Cream came through nicely, as well, and was balanced with a little kick of black pepper.  Two hours in, the K Syrah showed as a nice blueberry-cream ambrosia.  There was a character to this wine that reminded me a bit of a Fielding Hills, although I would prefer the Fielding Hills to this one (I would love to compare a bottle of each side-by-side at some point).  That said, this wine is an excellent drinker from K Vintners at a nice entry-level price.

Mmm... Steak!

The Rib and I paired this with a trademarked championship football contest and grilled T-bone steaks (yes, the infamous “truck meat”).  The wine complemented the steak nicely, but I think I would have preferred a ribeye with this one instead (to be fair, I usually prefer a ribeye).  The steaks outlasted the wine (those things were huge!), so it could go without saying that The Rib and I enjoyed this bottle a good bit.  As for Sunday evening’s football programming, one of the teams had to win, so I can’t really speak to the wine/event pairing.

Winemaker Charles Smith is a rock star (almost literally—do a Google image search, squint at the pictures, and you might think you’re staring at stills of a younger Sammy Hagar) in the wine world and makes some nice to incredible wines at a wide range of price points.  The K Syrah Milbrandt Vineyard hits the pocketbook up for $30-$35 per bottle and is well worth the price.  Give it a go if you can find it on the shelf at your local wine shop.

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