Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 9, The Phantom is Here!

After doing a few errands and running around a bit, good friend and neighbor M.C. and I convened in the Garage Bar at CorkEnvy to sample the Day 9 selection.  I chose this bottle since it is a favorite of M.C. (insert comments here, C-Squared and The Rib).

2008 Bogle Vineyards Phantom, California

2008 Bogle Phantom

I popped and poured this Zinfandel (51%), Petite Sirah (47%), and Mouvedre (2%) blend.

On the nose, I got a little cherry, some grape (odd in a wine, right?), blackberry, woodsmoke and vanilla.

The palate brought the blackberry big time.  Cherry notes came through, as well, along with a touch of brambliness early on.  The mid-long finish was a touch oaky with a hint of black cherry.  Tannins were present, but not overpowering, and the acid structure held this wine together fairly well.  As the Phantom sat for a bit, I really got a lot of blackberry/cherry jam.  At the two-hour mark, the blackberry was accompanied by a bit of raisin, but maintained a nice cherry oak on the finish.

Overall, the Phantom is a decent bottle.  Several neighbors stopped by to sample the Phantom, and every one of them seemed to like something about it.  This is a nice, easy drinker that will please a variety of wine drinkers of varying tastes and experiences.  I paired it with a fire and the company of great neighbors at the Garage Bar at CorkEnvy.

It isn’t the best wine ever, but it certainly does the trick and can be paired with a variety of dishes or occasions.  For around $15, The Phantom is a safe choice.  I’d be more than comfortable keeping a bottle on hand for company or for an evening when I wanted a wine that I enjoyed but didn’t have to spend too much time dissecting while watching the “magic box.”

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