Where the Hell You At, Stub?


The simple answer: at this very moment, I’m sitting on a balcony in front of my computing machine overlooking Florida’s Gulf Coast.

View from our balcony. Not bad!
View from our balcony. Not bad!

But you want to know more cosmically where I’m at (or rather, where I’ve been) and what’s happening at CorkEnvy, don’t you? A fair question that deserves an answer…

To be honest, most of my “work time” over the last year has been devoted to producing videos, mostly episodes of Weekly W(h)ine with Stub.

I’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes on this weekly internets wine/news/editorial/comedy show, and I think said work has begun to show itself fairly well. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do with WWwS (particularly episodes 3-06, 3-07, and 3-09), even though earlier episodes seem a bit amateurish to me at this point (that’s because they are, by the way). That said, I stand behind the material and have developed the production of said show by leaps and bounds since its Inception. Thirty episodes down and who knows how many more to go? Which begs the question, “Why haven’t you resumed the show as of October as you said you would, Stub?” Also a fair question…

Well, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a harvest intern for a brand spankin’ new winery this year (to be fair, the winemaker is one of my best friends, so the “competition” for said internship was pretty light). So from early September until just last Thursday, I’ve been shuttling grapes into a press, sorting grapes into the crusher destemmer, moving juice from one container to another, cleaning every single thing I see three times over, and doing every other thing a good harvest intern does (and luckily, a whole lot more than most harvest interns have the opportunity to do).

It’s obvious enough, I hope, why I didn’t bring back the fourth season of WWwS in October. As for my first harvest experience, I’ll be working on a few stories about that in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for those.

That tidily sums up the “where’ve you been, Stub?” question in a nutshell. As to the cosmic “where you at, Stub?” question, that’s a longer story. I’ll hit the highlights…

I absolutely heart geeking out over a nice (or even flawed) bottle of wine—especially with anyone who appreciates said bottle even half as much as much as I do. But over the first half of this year, wine had—well—lost something for me. Not wine itself, but more the process of drinking wine. Don’t get me wrong—I still enjoyed wine (and enjoyed enjoying it with others), but thinking about wine (and how to relate my passion for it to others) had become quite a chore for me. But as a wise man once said: “you can’t keep a good man down!” I’ve gotten past all that…

You see, since CorkEnvy.com launched in February, 2011, it has been a labor of love. I’ve loved it, but it has been a labor. I knew I wanted to write about my passion for wine in the most creative way(s) possible, but in large part, I had failed in this regard. I had written a few articles that I was particularly proud of (like this one and this one) and began producing WWwS, but overall, I hadn’t (and haven’t) completely realized my vision for CorkEnvy. My vision for CorkEnvy has now come into focus…

With that in mind, I’ve been planning—for quite sometime—a refresh of design and content for CorkEnvy. It’s a slow process (at least for yours truly, who tends to over- think, -analyze, and, at times, -procrastinate), but I am now smack dab in the midst of refocusing my efforts to provide more content, more information, and more interaction with the tens of you who faithfully check in on CorkEnvy.

The direction I have chosen to take CorkEnvy is a little different, but wine will always be the focus (or at least a big part) of everything I do here—’cause you may not care what I think about current legislative actions, the latest season of your favorite TV show, the economy of Argentina, or my personal parenting philosophy (despite not actually being a parent myself), but based on the requests for wine recommendations that continually hit my emails, Facebooks, and texting machine, you do care (or at least trust) what I have to say about wine (thanks for that, by the way)—so there will always be wine.

All that said, I now say this: I am working diligently to launch the new and improved CorkEnvy.com shortly after the big ball drops in NYC to ring in 2014 and to begin production of the new and improved “Weekly W(h)ine with Stub” shortly thereafter. I do have a very exciting “secret” project in the works that may affect the timing of either of the above-mentioned goals, but I’ll not talk too much about that quite yet; rest assured, though, it is exciting. I know, I’m such a tease…

My goal is and always has been to make CorkEnvy as informative, entertaining, and interactive as possible. At the very least, I plan to keep you better informed with what’s happening at CorkEnvy moving forward. Hold me to it!

In the meantime, I’m working on two parody videos I hope to release before year’s end, so keep an eye out for those. You can also help me help you by:

1) Catching up with CorkEnvy articles;

2) Catching up with CorkEnvy videos on the YouTubes;

3) Purchasing CorkEnvy T-Shirts for yourself, your loved ones, and hell, maybe even your enemies. Sometimes a peace offering goes way farther than retaliation. Just sayin’; and finally,

4) Stop Coveting, Start Drinking!




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