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Sunday is Mother’s Day, so The Rib and I thought we would run down some wines that are perfect for either giving your mom or pairing with that special family dinner you plan to cook for her (’cause really, who wants to brave the restaurant crowds on Mother’s Day?).  You’re probably one of the top reasons she drinks anyway, so why not get her a bottle of wine?

Luckily, our favorite local wine shop had a distributor rep in last Saturday tasting five selections that for one reason or another, fit with the Mother’s Day theme (including a wine made by his own mother…how cool is that?).  Every selection seemed to be better than the one before, so we decided to take that as our cue and snagged a bottle of each to sip throughout the week.  Here are our thoughts:

2009 Le Vigne di Alice Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Doro, Veneto, Italy

2009 Le Vigne di Alice Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Doro

What better way to begin the celebration of Mom than with a bubbly Prosecco?

The nose on this wine had a very pleasant candied pear that I likened to a canned fruit cocktail; the fruit is tempered by a nice yeasty toasty-ness.

On the palate, the Alice tasted like a fruit cocktail (driven by the above-mentioned candied pear) with graham cracker.  The fruit was well balanced by slight honey and brown sugar notes.

For about $25, this is a nice little sparkler that mom is sure to love.  Pair it with anything to make it more festive.


2010 Raptor Ridge Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, Oregon

2010 Raptor Ridge Pinot Gris,

Every Mom loves a nice, crisp white wine, right?

The nose of this Willamette Valley Pinot Gris showed a lot of green apple, slight citrus notes, and maybe a little honey.  It put me in mind of an apple Jolly Rancher.

The palate was a sour apple Jolly Rancher.  With its firm acid, this tart, slightly puckery wine began to show a little more lemon/citrus after it sat and warmed a bit, but maintained predominate apple notes throughout.

This is a great Pinot Gris for about $18.  Pair it with creamy cheese, seafood, grilled chicken, or entrée salads.


2011 De Ponte Cellars Pinot Noir Rosé, Willamette Valley, Oregon

2011 De Ponte Cellars Pinot Noir Rosé

Fact:  Moms are the biggest consumers of pink wines.  This one will make even the pickiest of moms smile.

The nose on this Pinot Noir Rosé gave me strawberries and some floral notes—floral like the mixed bouquet you’re planning to pick up for mom Sunday morning (tell Siri to remind you!).

The palate brought the strawberry big-time.  A little too cold right out of the coolerator, this wine was a touch syrupy and showed some nice fruity sweetness (not sugary sweet, but fruity sweet) that was reminiscent of bubble gum.  Once it warmed a bit, a vibrant acid that balanced the fruit very well replaced the syrupyness.

I can’t wait to pick up another several bottles of this wine.  At $20, it’s likely to be our “go-to” rosé for sitting on the patio in the summer heat.  The Rib said it also paired nicely with her creative efforts to make a homemade gift for her mom!  (Is it even appropriate for a grown woman to make a homemade gift for her mother?)


2009 Daedalus Cellars Pinot Noir Jezebel

2009 Daedalus Cellars Pinot Noir Jezebel

While the name of this wine doesn’t scream “motherly,” the wine inside this is nice, so mom will forgive the name if she enjoys a Pinot that bursts with attitude.  This particular bottle might also be the perfect passive-aggressive gift for your dad’s third wife.  I don’t know your family dynamic; I’m just trying to give you some gift ideas…

The Rib and I popped and poured this wine.

The nose of the Jezebel was vanilla, cherry, and a slight pepper.  The Rib got a little cola in there, too.

On the palate, a tart cherry was accompanied by a smooth vanilla/cream.  This light-bodied Pinot Noir also presented some cranberry notes and white pepper and had a medium-firm acid that held everything together nicely.  It didn’t take long before this wine drank like a strawberry and cream soda.  As one might expect, the Jezebel was smooth, sensual, and tempting.

At $20, this is a fun, easy (surprise!) drinker that should please everyone from the novice to the connoisseur.  Pair it with a large family gathering, sit back, and listen to old family stories.


2006 Puriri Hills Reserve, North Island, New Zealand

2006 Puriri Hills Reserve

This Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot blend is a top-notch wine for a top-notch Mom.  If your mom likes wine and doesn’t take to this bottle, you should consider the possibility that you were adopted.

Before I decanted this wine, The Rib and I stole a small sip from the bottle.  Right out of the bottle, the Puriri Hills had some nice plum, chocolate, and earthiness on the nose and plum, cherry, spice, and a hint of cola on the palate.

After pouring this wine through the Vinturi into the decanter and letting it sit for two and a half hours or so, it only got better.

On the nose, the plum, spice, and chocolate notes we got right out of the bottle were magnified and joined by slight cherry, new leather, and cedar notes.

The palate brought some wonderful spiced plum, chocolate, and white pepper.  The tannins on the Puriri Hills Reserve were fairly big, but well rounded and balanced beautifully by a firm, yet smooth, acid.  Six hours into this bottle (it was the second bottle of the day), the wine was still beautifully smooth and a bit more more fruit-forward.

This amazing bottle is well worth its $40 price tag, especially for your moms.  If your mom likes a red blend, don’t hesitate to pick her up a bottle of this one if you can find it.  Pair with beef, lamb, or a cigar (and no I didn’t say your moms smoked cigars—not that there is anything wrong with that; The Rib enjoys a cigar every now and again, so lay off).


If you really want to impress mom this Mother’s Day, get her one of each of these bottles—all for under $125.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Cheers from the Corkpit,

Stub (and The Rib)

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