Daytime Blue Ridge- Nail Dad’s Favorite Wine

Check out these great wine suggestions for almost every type of dad! Stub couldn’t get to all of the dad types during his latest Daytime Blue Ridge segment, so bonus dad types are included below!


Manny Dad

This dad is a bit nontraditional. He loves all things domestic and can’t imagine a world in which he isn’t home with his kids. He’s equally comfortable at play dates and a ladies who lunch gathering. He cooks, he cleans, and he even irons the sheets. The SHEETS! The only thing he loves more than being at home with his own kids is taking your kids so you can enjoy a spa day.

This dad loves his Chardonnay. Depending on the day, he’ll take it light, crisp, and tart, or buttery and nutty. Manny Dad always answers the question “would you like a glass of Chardonnay?” with an emphatic “Chardonn-YAY!”

Hipster Dad

Hipster dad is exactly what he sounds like: he’s a dad, but he wants to fight the effects of fatherhood by wearing the latest fashions and enjoying the absolute trendiest trends. Hipster dad shops in thrift stores, gets his hair cut at a traditional barbershop, and listens to his music on vinyl while enjoying a hookah and an Argentinian maté.

Hipster dad is all about that Prosecco. It’s light, it’s bubbly, and it’s cheap. Bonus points if he drinks it out of a mason jar.

Accidental Dad

This dad is doing the best he can, despite never having planned to actually be a dad. He takes things as they come, enjoys days with little-to-no planning involved, and will always show up to a party, even if the invite was last-minute.

The accidental dad needs a glass of Beaujolais. It’s easy-to-drink, tastes a lot like actual grapes, but is a little more sophisticated than the golden liquid flowing through the line when he did his last keg stand (which honestly, was probably not nearly long enough ago to be age-appropriate). A simple, fruit forward wine like Beaujolais may have actually contributed to accidental Dad’s Dad status.

Tech Geek Dad

The geeky dad loves all things tech and all things comic book-based. He can assemble a Christmas bicycle in under 10 minutes and probably knows the specs of every TV, computer chip, and smart home-enabled device not only currently on the market, but also loves speculating about those to come. He can point out any and every planet and/or star constellation without the aid of a star map/app and has probably invented a contraption to somewhat automate diaper changes.

This dad loves to analyze things and would do well with a red Burgundy wine. Pinot Noir. This grape is fickle in the vineyard and in the winery, but when it’s done correctly, it’s a symphony of complicated flavors that range from bright and fruity to earthy and savory.

Emo Dad

This dad is the Robert Smith of dads. He hasn’t yet gotten over his angsty youth, black clothes, or messy hair, and is a little upset he can’t wear his eyeliner to the office. He’s professional, but dons his black t-shirt and jeans at every opportunity while teaching his kids the finer points of synth-heavy gooey guitar tracks as well as industrial dance beats.

This dad loves all things “out of the mainstream” and needs a glass of Plavic Mali. Plavic Mali is the most heavily-planted red wine grape in Croatia (mostly along the Dalmation Coast), and makes big, bold, spicy wines with dark, brooding berry and pepper notes.


There’s nothing BFF Dad won’t do to be his kid’s best friend. He enjoys kid activities as much as his kids and is always up for a trip to the amusement park, a jump on the trampoline, or even teaching his kids the finer points of ding-dong-ditch and TPing houses. BFF dad listens to the same music his kids do and even introduces them to hot new pop acts.

This dad needs a glass of rosé. He loves that it’s pink, thinks it’s sweeter than it actually is, and, because it’s pink, thinks it’s perfectly fine to share a “small sip” with his kids every now and then.

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