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2009 Domaine Bonfils Vin de Pays d’Oc Mas De Cha Bert, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

2009 Domaine Bonfils Mas De Cha Bert Roussanne

The Rib and I popped and poured this Roussanne (pronounced “roo-sahn”) from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.  Roussanne is a winemaking grape native to the Rhône region.  Wines made from the Roussanne grape are often characterized by herbal (tea) notes, pear, and solid acid structure.  Roussanne is sometimes confused with Viognier (even by more experienced wine drinkers).  (Note: Don’t tell my Virginia wine friends, but I generally would prefer a Roussanne over a Viognier…)

On the nose, the Mas De Cha Bert gave me some nice honeysuckle, lemon, and pear.

The palate on this one was true to the nose: this wine tasted like a candied pear with a honey-lemon syrup drizzle.  I got a little orange peel and slight cream notes an hour or so in.  This wine was a touch “syrupy,” but not in a bad way.

If you haven’t tried a Roussanne, the Domaine Bonfils Mas De Cha Bert is a good place to start, especially at only $9 for the bottle!  I probably wouldn’t open this one up on the coldest day of winter, but it should do the trick as an inexpensive, easy drinking white well into the fall.  This is a nice little bottle at a nice little price.  Try it!  www.bonfilswines.com

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