2009 Annefield Vineyards Cabernet Franc, Charlotte County, VA

I decanted this wine for two hours before pouring.  On the nose, I got some smoke and muted dark fruit.  On the palate, the smokiness came through very nicely and the fruit came across as tart, yet smooth, black cherry.  There was some excellent wood on the Annefield Cabernet Franc that hinted at cedar.  I also got some subtle vanilla notes.

The tannins on the Annefield Cabernet Franc were big with a strong grip, but were oh so smooth—smoother than the Elvis on the velvet.  I kept trying to get more on this one, but it was so well put together I couldn’t really discern any other specific notes.  My Texas hosts and I took about four hours with this bottle.

I fell for this wine at the Virginia Wine Expo a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn’t be happier that I liked it as much as I had hoped I would after my first taste at the wine festival.  The Annefield Cabernet Franc hit a sweet spot about five hours into the bottle.  It just kept getting better and was incredible.

At $24, this wine is a steal.  The Annefield Cabernet Franc takes you for a great ride.  This wine should cellar well for the next several years.  I would advise decanting for a minimum of two hours, especially if you open a bottle while this wine is still relatively young.  When I open my next bottle (sooner than later, I assure you), I will give it three hours in the decanter before pouring.  I am already getting excited about getting back from my travels in Texas so The Rib and I can enjoy this wine together.

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