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It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day… Oh, And There’s Wine!

Well, it’s another made-up “holiday,” so I set out to pair a wine with yet another childhood favorite:  the grilled cheese sandwich. There are too many variations of this classic to even mention.  A local wine bar in our area serves a “grown-up grilled cheese” with fancy shmancy cheddar on grilled sourdough (a favorite of Aphrodite and ah-mah-zing, by the… Read more →

Chardonnay the Italian Way!

2008 Tenuta Mazzolino Blanc Provincia di Pavia IGT, Lombardia, Italy Tenuta Mazzolino is located in Lombardia in the far north of Italy (the region borders Switzerland).  The Blanc is a 100% estate-grown Chardonnay (yup, they make those in Italy).  It is made with a soft press and aged in French Oak (which generally produces less “oakiness” and keeps the fruit… Read more →

2008 Linden Boisseau Chardonnay, Linden, VA

Popped and poured this Chardonnay from one of my (and everyone else’s) favorite Virginia winemakers. The nose showed some nice citrus notes—lemon, a hint of orange, and pineapple.  There were some stone/mineral aromas, as well, along with a slight (very slight) butter and herb and a hint of vanilla.  The Boisseau had a pleasant finish that lingered just short of… Read more →