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Dancing With The (All-) Stars Week 4: 2010 Ferrari-Carano Siena, Sonoma County, California

  Four weeks already? Yes. And this week finally delivered what we’ve all been waiting for: high caliber dances from top to bottom! First the dances, then the wine! The Dances Kirstie Alley/Maksim Chmerkovskiy Charleston (Judges’ Score: 30) The Rib: Once again this week, “Big Sexy” brought the Big Fun with this cute Charleston. She looked sweet and sassy in… Read more →

Texas v. Virginia, Part 1

So quite by accident, The Rib and I opened two bottles of Sangiovese of the same vintage from Texas and Virginia within a day or two.  I made some nice meat sauce earlier in the week and, as always, it fed us a couple dinners.  So we opened a bottle with each sitting before I realized I had created an… Read more →

2006 Martoccia di Brunelli Luca Rosso di Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy

I popped the cork on this Sangiovese, poured The Rib and myself each a sip or two, and then decanted the rest of the bottle.  On the nose, I got some really big fruit, spice, earth, and leather.  The palate showed some excellent sour, dark fruit—mostly black cherry—along with some cola, spice, and smoke.  The tannins really gave this wine… Read more →