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Brad Paisley’s “Wheelhouse” & a 2011 Cheval Quancard Cotes de Bordeaux

  This is my first written review of new music and wine. I love music, I love wine—seems like a natural fit, right? This particular album was not only the most anticipated release of the week, but was also making some headlines, so I download the “Deluxe Edition” and pushed play. Let me start with a little background information… I… Read more →

Twenty-Wine Days of February: Day 16, Don’t Laugh, ‘Cause You Know You’re Going to Try It

Somehow the day got away from me trying to get my iPad repaired/replaced.  I’m happy to report that when I’m done here, I’ll be setting my new iPad to syncing.  Good thing I did a backup before it stopped working; all of my ‘Words to live by from #MyNameIsEarl’ quotes were on that thing.  What will I tweet first thing… Read more →

2008 Juan Miguez Ribeiro Viña Leiriñia, Galicia, Spain with Charlie Sheen

Like all of America (at least those of us with nothing better to do), I am captivated by the goings-on surrounding Charlie Sheen over the last several weeks.  This guy is certainly coming off as being crazier than a peach orchard hog, but I’m beginning to have my doubts that Sheen has totally “lost it.”  With Charlie claiming that he… Read more →